How long do I have to register my school?

Registration period for schools will end April 30, 2023. For your school to participate in the 2022-2023 program, registration must be complete by this time.

Does my school need to register even if they participated last year?

No. However, each school should validate that the most up-to-date information is displayed in their Weis 4 School account.

Can all types of schools participate in the "Weis4School" rewards program?

ALL schools, ranging from PK – 8th grade, are eligible to participate including public, private, day care centers, and church schools.

Where can I find the school identification number to access our online account?

Each school enrolled in the program has a unique five-digit number assigned. Find your school\'s identification number and log-in information in your school coordinator kit or visit Weis4School.com and search for your school by name. If your school isn\'t found in our database, select the "Request to Add a School" button.

What do the supporters of our school need to do?

Supporters simply scan your school\'s unique barcode (school code) during their next shopping trip to register their Weis Club Card to their school. They can also register online. Weis Club Cards only need to be registered once each school year. If a shopper registers multiple times, the last registration will be the school of record.

Do ALL purchases made at any Weis Markets count toward Weis4School?

YES! There are a few exceptions (examples include but are not limited to lottery tickets, postage, alcohol, tobacco, and other products prohibited by law).

Can we advertise Weis4School program information on our school\'s website?

YES! Log into your Weis 4 School account and select the Downloads link for "Web Banner Ads and Social Posts" where you will find all our digital assets.

How do I get updated program information?

It\'s important that all information in your Weis 4 School account is correct (telephone number, email address, etc.) Most updates and important communications will be transmitted via email. Login to review and confirm that your school\'s contact information is correct. Please contact us immediately with any discrepancies or updates.

For any other information, please contact Customer Service by calling 1-866-999-9347.